What's the story behind the hot sauce?
Ubah Hot Hot Sauce originated from the need to answer this very question. “How does one eat healthy without having to compromise the bold flavors that have brought tastebuds to life for so many generations?” The day this question was answered was the day that Ubah Hot was born. Our hot sauce collection's revitalizing spiciness, and natural goodness captures our love for traditional African tastes, the fond memories of flavors from our youth, and the joy of eating freely. It began with taking small batches of the Yellow Tanzanite Habeñero hot to dinner parties and watching it light up the palates of friends and family as the sauce made its way around the table. Ubah Hot Sauce invites you to join our international family of spice lovers. Our hot sauce has as much heart as it does kick and as much history as freshness.

How do we use Ubah Hot?
We use it on everything! These hot sauces are a true kitchen staple updated from a heritage family favorite. Ubah Hot can turn any meal into something different, delightful, and mouthwatering. The spicy tastes originate from Africa are meant to be shared around the world.

What are the differences between the flavors? Are some spicier than others?
Our three hot sauce flavors are comparable to "Mild," "Medium," and "Hot" options! The Fresno Ruby is an incredibly fresh, bright, and even slightly sweet and fruity take on a mildly spicy condiment for just about everything. Serrano Emerald takes things up a little with an inspired garlic and cilantro flavor blend. Our original, hottest hot sauce is the Yellow Tanzanite Habanero: its fiery, tangy, citrusy flavor combination will bring heat and excitement to any dish. 
Looking for the whole Ubah Hot experience? We recommend all three, so everyone in the house gets to have a favorite flavor!

Is Ubah hot Vegan?
Our gourmet hot sauces are 100% VEGAN, from locally sourced natural ingredients and absolutely zero preservatives for a genuinely fresh and wholesome experience. With Ubah Hot, you know exactly where each element of our African-inspired hot sauce's fantastic flavor originates.

What makes Ubah Hot hot sauces different from Other Brands?
We are more of a flavorful hot sauce as Ubah Hot was created to enhance flavor in anything plain like steamed fish, vegetables, chopped cucumbers, and everything in between. You can even use Ubah Hot as a base for your soup or pasta sauce. Ubah Hot will help you upgrade any dish into a five-star gourmet meal in seconds!